What are the Smart Phone Application Developers offering in 2013?

Android app development

Mobile apps have come a long way since the flagship product of Apple came out way back in the year 2007. At that time smartphones were used to come up with pre-reloaded apps. It was only the next year when Apple came up with the app store where we get our brush with apps for the first time. And it is the same year when Google in collaboration with HTC came up with the first Android Store. Since then App Developers had to never look back.

2013 looks promising for the area of apps. These apps are focused more on the productivity of the consumers. This year application developers are focusing on creating apps for the benefit of the enterprises as well. The blog post would be showcasing some of the apps through the following.

Rise of the Hybrid Apps

With the application war raging between two of the Smartphone giants namely Apple iPhone and Google Android, app developers are focused on creating applications which can be implemented in all the platforms definitely including Apple and Android, and also involving mobile platforms such as Windows and Blackberry OS. The cross platform mobile apps tools like Titanium and PhoneGap is helping the app developers to come up with apps which can run smoothly across several medium including Apple iPad and Android Tabs.

Developing Apps for the Enterprises

App makers this year is continuing to incorporate their apps into their business. Apps are developing on the basis of the generic profession the user is attached to. Apps for health updates, accounting programs, payment tracking as well as apps which cater to small businesses or apps which can help to book flights for your business meeting. Enterprise mobile apps are making the working atmosphere for the future. It is changing the way how the employee interacts with the customer, with his colleagues as well as keeping a check on how the files are stored and accessed. Business is done on a real time basis and on the move.

Customising and Licensing of Mobile apps through White Labelling

One of the unique trends of 2013 is the white labeling of mobile apps which has taken the organisational world by storm. The biggest advantage of the white label apps is that it can be customised and given a license by individual companies. These apps can be customised through configuration and imbibed with the brand value of a particular organisation. These apps can be transformed into individual apps for its respective companies by making difference in its functionality.

Specific Apps for News and Content Sites

Websites catering to news and heavy content is in for a change this year. One of the particular shortcomings of a content site is that as the site so many functionalities it becomes very difficult for these websites to be translated to mobile sites. There had been several apps for news websites but none of the apps had the capacity to give the full functionality of the original website. Mobile app developers are offering apps which might not give the holistic experience of the website, but it would definitely give the user the convenience of reading the news.

Location based Wonder apps

These apps are created dedicated to both the iPhone and the Android Platforms took off last year. The location based apps are more popular among the younger generation than the older ones. These apps give a personal feel to the user making acquainted with the local surroundings of the place of interest. Some of function of the app includes directing the consumer to restaurants and stores as well as events which are occurring in that particular area. The user gets connected to all interesting things within the vicinity.

The year, 2013 shows to be a promising year for both mobile application developers as well as the users from the perspective of the apps. If you have any information about innovative apps, you can always share it in your comment section.