Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021- In The Age of AI & IoT

The number of mobile or internet-connected devices has increased immensely over the years. And this has driven more businesses to go for mobile app development using the latest trends and technologies. And if you are one of them who wants to know about the latest ones. Then you have come to the right place. Apart from the continuously increasing number of mobile devices being one of the reasons for businesses going for mobile app development, this pandemic situation has also led businesses to opt for the same.

Mobile users around the world have become more addicted to using applications these days. And why not, when apps can get them everything right at their doorsteps? And because of this ease of using applications, almost every business is choosing to have an online presence in the App Stores of multiple platforms and Operating Systems. At the same time, it has become imperative to invest in the latest trends and technologies to be successful and stay competitive.

Technologies and trends for mobile application development have been consistently changing with time to make the development process simpler and help developers end up with better and better applications for businesses to meet the ever-increasing needs of users and offer them a great user experience always. And this post is going to let you know about the most ruling trends in 2021 apart from AI & IoT. But before diving into these app development trends, take a look at what the Stats reports have to say about mobile applications and their demands.

As per a Stats survey, 

  • Nearly 30.73 billion mobile gadgets are used by people around the world right now, which means that on average, every user owns 2 to 3 devices. The report has also said that this count will increase to almost 38.6 billion functioning devices by the end of 2025 and to almost 50 billion by the end of 2030.

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  • The iOS App Store now boasts nearly 2.2 million apps.

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  • Google Play Store has around 2.96 million apps today.

Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

  • On an average, nearly 100,000 apps are released in the Google Play Store every single month.

Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

  • More than 30,000 applications are launched in the iOS App Store every month

Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

  • The global mobile application development market is growing in demand at the rate of 14 percent now and will increase in the years to come.

Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

  • People around the world spend nearly 3.6 hours every day browsing their mobile devices, which is almost 12 times more as compared to the last decade. Whereas people hardly use laptops and desktops now. On an average, people use laptops and desktops for approximately 2 hours per day.

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  • Adults spend approximately 4 hours a day using mobile internet out of which they spend nearly 90 percent of the time using the apps on their devices rather than any browser.

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  • Consumers have downloaded nearly 204 billion mobile apps and the number is growing every single day.

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  • Most of the mobile users have at least 10 apps on their devices on an average.

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  • Almost 21 percent of the millennials open their apps nearly 50 times a day.

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  • Nearly 92 percent of the apps in the iOS App Store are free

Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

  • The Google Play Store has around 96 percent free apps.

Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

  • Millennials mostly use 69 percent of social networking apps, 55 percent messaging apps, 42 percent gaming apps, 34 percent productivity apps, 32 percent travel apps & 26 percent sports apps.

Mobile App Development | GetAProgrammer

  • On an average, every smartphone user uses nearly 30 applications every month.
  • Approximately 57 percent of online media usage comes from these mobile applications.

Have these data excited you to know more about it? Are you planning to get a competitive and trendy app for your business built now? Then keep your eyes on the lines below.

Mobile app development trends that will rule the market now along with AI & IoT to make apps even more competitive and ROI-driven.

AI that is Artificial Intelligence:

AI has made its place in the mobile app development market a couple of years back and is still in the limelight. This technology has completely revolutionised the way you use a mobile device. It all started with voice assistants that communicate just like humans conversing in mobile devices. Apps built with AI technology can answer all your queries and can follow simple instructions.

IoT that is the Internet of Things:

The technology or trend that connects various household gadgets and electronic appliances is the next name in the list. IoT lets you have control of different devices in your house, with your smartphone. It can be your watch TV, thermostat settings, etc. You can even unlock doors or open windows with just a touch on your phone. It’s the magic of IoT that is the Internet of Things – a mobile application development trend that will drive you this year.

AR that is Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality or AR is one of the most popular and new mobile application development trends this year. AR is highly compatible with all mobile phones and lets users take a view of virtual objects in real surroundings. Great technology for gaming apps but developers mostly use it for building photography, clothing, and jewellery apps as well.


With the increase in the severity of the COVID-19 condition and in these pandemic days, many people have started looking for mobile apps that can let them know about their health condition. So many new mobile devices are now available in the market that can monitor health indicators for suggesting your immunity level. These devices help in determining the probability of getting affected by any disease or health problem. This simply implies that building apps for devices like smartwatches will surely be one of the most highlighted mobile application development trends this year.

A wearable gadget like a smartwatch also simplifies transactions and lets you stay away from COVID-19 or any infected person. This trend will be in value even in the years to come keeping the current scenario in mind.

Foldable display:

Flip or folded phones are now making a comeback. Companies like Google are now distributing and selling foldable mobile devices. The current and future trends and technologies will now have to accommodate for these displays. It is one of the top mobile application development trends in the year 2021.

5G technology:

5G is 100 times faster as compared to the 4G technology. An exponential rise in the count of 5G connections is seen this year. As per a survey, it can be expected that this number will get 4 times more by the end of 2021. This means developers will have to design apps for 5G mobile devices now.

Hybrid mobile application development framework:

Android and iOS are the two leading mobile application development platforms now. And some of the most recent programming languages for building apps for these platforms are React-Native, Flutter, Kotlin-Native, and Xamarin. It’s becoming a little difficult now to manage and keep-up with these multiple programming languages. This is why app developers are now going for the hybrid app development frameworks now. Hybrid mobile app development frameworks save more time and money, making the process more effortless.


Organisations must realise the role that mobile apps play in the expansion and growth of businesses now. Every business merchant needs to understand now that mobile applications are the crucial components of business growth. Traditional websites can no more offer the same experience and result as owing to what a mobile app does. Many businesses already have their mobile applications in the App Stores to stay active in this dynamic environment and build a wider customer base. With this, developers are also coming up with better apps for all Operating Systems.

It has become imperative to stay up to date with the trends mentioned above and expert developers and reputed companies like GetAProgrammer are doing the same to deliver secure apps that stand out among the rest regardless of the app requirements and the type of business, helping businesses to meet their goals and move a step ahead in the competition.

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