The iPhone Apps you can’t live without in 2013

iOS app

After Apple came up with its flagship product iPhone in the year 2007, it has gone through several extensions throughout the years. It is year 2013 and already we are experiencing the latest iteration namely the iPhone 5, and anticipating the next by the end of this year. This blog post would not taking up the age old issue of how iPhone evolved down the ages to its present Avatar or why the iPhone has become a necessity in our daily lives. But it would be talking more about the apps which you should not be missing this year to get along with your lives. It becomes the prerogative of an iPhone application developer, to burn the midnight oil and come up with wonderful apps like these.

Going By the Utility and Efficiency

a) Fantastical

iPhone is never known for the scarcity of the calendar options, but Fantastical can be taken to be a calendar app which cannot be avoided. This app is most talked about for its user friendliness, simplicity and easy to use functions. Powered with a gesture navigation system, you can add and edit different dates for your meetings and appointment. Be it a meeting with the doctor or a lunch appointment with your client, as a user of Fantastical, you can always a variety of view options to choose from. It can be expected from the future extensions of iPhone, it comes with the feature of integrating Facebook event as well.

b) Sparrow

Email clients are something which is evolving on a day to day basis. There have been quite a number of email clients which has been seen in the recent times. For a Gmail client Sparrow has made quite a name. Sparrow has been combining power, user-friendliness and simplicity. Sparrow is one of the apps which help you through message composition, where the users have the privilege of focusing on writing the email rather than focusing on how to compose the mail.

Going by the Communication and Browsing Factors

a) Google Hangouts vs. Skype

Till Google Hangouts came out Skype has always been considered to be the supreme in the category of video calling. Skype has been running a monopoly in this area for quite a long time. But with Google coming out with the Hangouts, it is definitely going to give Skype a run for money. All you need is an account on Google and you would be able to make video calls instantly and that too without spending a single buck. Incorporating any of the apps in your iPhone would be giving you the ideal video calling experience.

b) Tweetbot

Tweetbot can be considered to be one of the best twitter clients which are available for iPhone. Driven by its own sets of navigation option, this app can give the user a thorough Twitter experience. This app has a host of features including quick access as well as navigation of timeline. The app helps in creation and maintaining of multiple accounts along with automatic URL shortening through multiple services.

Location Aware Apps

a) Google Maps

Till now there has been no app which has been able to aptly help man for navigation. But Google Map is something which has saved iPhone from a long time predicament of long turn by turn navigation. Even the Google Maps version for the iPhone works really well for both good and bad scenario. Packed with features like free voice guided turn by turn navigation as well as easy location search, this app stands apart from the rest. It also has features such as intelligent rerouting along with enormous database of its own, it definitely helps user’s to find his destination in a jiffy.

b) Find my iPhone

It is one of the staple in the inventory of iPhone apps. God forbid if your iPhone is stolen or misplaced this App is the ideal one which can help you to find your App without a problem. So there are no problems of losing your phone anymore.

This blog post encompasses only few of the iPhone apps which you should be having in your iPhone before year 2013 gets over. So, if you any other apps in your mind or at your disposal you would like to share, you can always share it in our comment section.