Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics: Which one to chose?

Well, today we are going to talk about two of the most trending technologies of 2019 – Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Both platforms help you to get business-driven CRM solutions.

Now, why your business needs a dedicated CRM system? The answer is simple – adopting a CRM software can give you game-changing results on the sales front!

According to the Pardot reports, “Without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales”. You obviously don’t want that right?

As per Brainshark’s Anne Lambert and Forbes Insights, 53% of top-performing companies are investing in the right industry-specific CRM to drive sales productivity.

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Now, when you’ve decided to get a customised CRM solution for your business, deciding which technology to choose becomes the next big question.

Definitely, a Salesforce CRM consultant or an MS Dynamics consultant can guide you better.

However, here, we will show you a few statistics, features based on different business aspects along with a comparative study between both platforms. Having an overall insight on both platforms will help you to be on the same page as the consultants. Also, you will be able to understand which CRM development platform is the best choice for your business.

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As per the latest update made on 4th March 2019, we found that

Market share:

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics


No. of current websites:

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics

Alexa top 1M websites:

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics

Works best for: Salesforce – Small medium to Enterprise, MS Dynamics CRM – Small medium to Enterprise

Average user rating:

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics

If you are concerned about the category position of both CRM platforms, then undoubtedly Salesforce holds the #1 position and MS Dynamics is on #14.

However, when you start digging into the other technical aspects, you will find that Microsoft Dynamics has its own charms as well.

Let’s look into other aspects.

Ease of Use: Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics


Rather than being a desktop application, Salesforce is a cloud-based tool.

Wherever you have internet access, you can access Salesforce. The user interface is nothing but a web page, which you can navigate just by clicking on the links, which are grouped by headings like leads, accounts, forecasts, and campaigns. Also, all the reports are presented in the dashboard format.

It hosts a marketplace for app exchange as well. The benefit of this feature is that you can easily locate different third-party applications, which help to enhance the core functionalities offered by Salesforce.

MS Dynamics

It is either hosted on the cloud, as the on-premise solution or can be used as a combination of both. The user interface of Microsoft Dynamics is browser-based just like Salesforce. However, the navigation options are more like buttons.

If you are looking for any specific screen and not sure where to find it, you can use the search bar. So, in terms of functional design, MS Dynamics gets a bit edge over Salesforce.

Customer Service: Salesforce vs MS Dynamics


No additional monthly subscription is needed for access to customer training and technical support. It has a dedicated community, where you can interact with all other Salesforce customers, can access a self-service portal, can get guided online training etc. depending on your business requirements, additional support can be added in exchange of an additional fee. 

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Microsoft Dynamics

At an additional monthly cost, this CRM platform offers small business support. With these add-on service plans, users can get access to the self-help portals and community forums, unlimited online training, service dashboards etc. Also, users will be getting support via phone during the local business hours.

 Video Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automated and Artificial Intelligence: Salesforce vs MS Dynamics

Both Salesforce and Microsoft have the enterprise-level resources available to acquire or build the AI tools, which help make their service and sales tools smarter.


In Spring of 2017, Salesforce introduced Einstein AI that uses AI learning algorithms to understand each organisation or business’s particular selling habits and accordingly suggests improvements. 

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When it is being implemented on marketing and service tools, it can not only guide the marketers but also can suggest answers to the questions of customers.

MS Dynamics

AI is integrated with MS Dynamics product in both Service and Sales modules, providing intelligent sales predictions and natural language parsing. 

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 Elasticity and Integrations: Salesforce vs MS Dynamics


In the Salesforce AppExchange, over 2,600 apps are available. Also, it has own connected platforms and partner program that helps the in-house developers to come up with custom Salesforce solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics

It offers connections to Microsoft PowerApps and Power BI, software, which lets teams turn their current connections and data into custom apps. Your organisation’s current investment in Microsoft software solutions really might help to win the fight for you in terms of flexibility and integrations.

Here is a quick sneak peek to the comparative core CRM features.

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics

Other than these above-mentioned CRM core features, there are some core IT-related aspects on which both these platforms vary.

Take a quick glance at this.

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics

So, which one is better for your business?

Well, to be honest, naming a specific CRM as “better” among these two options is a bit tough! This is because both of them offer a scalable platform along with some of the industry-leading features.

Also, both the platforms offer customisation features so that you can get a unique CRM solution for your specific business needs.

So, depending on your business’s current status and the system on which it runs, you should take a decision so that the CRM solution can help your business to grow. Also, how much cost you are willing to bear is a major factor here!

Are you interested to know more about Salesforce, MS Dynamics, or any other CRM software?

GetAProgrammer is here to help you out. Our MS Dynamics, Salesforce, and other CRM consultants are here to listen to your issues and to help you in getting the most-fitted and best CRM solution for your business. First, consult with the experts, talk to them directly and then take your decision.

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