Rapid Growth in Mobile Web App Development Frameworks

Despite the fact that the Web is full of information, we do not always find the most recent development here. For example, in Google maps you can miss out many restaurants and stores, as information is constantly changing, and not always getting updated on a particular platform. This is where the cross-platform exchanges of information are felt, and successfully this sort of issues has been addressed by some popular mobile web apps frameworks.

Another reason behind so much growth of hybrid mobile web apps is that they fit almost with every type of interface. A responsive mobile web app lets smooth access to the native hardware device like the camera, smartwatch etc. whereby one can find the platform specific native packages deployed on the mobile devices.

Over a period of time, we are seeing a number of mobile web app frameworks in the market, of which some are doing quite well. Let’s have some focus on them!



Ionic is here in the market for some time and has announced its domination over others as a mobile web app development framework. The secret behind its supreme popularity is in its constant effort to update itself in accordance with latest trends and requirements. The best part is that Ionic is an open source and totally free to use. Its ecosystem has already become so huge that anyone can find numerous development resources from the community, virtually in no time. Another plus point is Iconic framework is easy to maintain for clean and to read markup. This framework comes with various tools and gestures for a smooth interactive web apps development.


Another player in the game, Onsen UI, although quite newer, has posed a tough competition to Iconic. Under the license of Apache, Onsen UI also is an open source and uses Topcoat frameworks and Angular directives for most of its components. For those who prefer jQuery over Angular, Onsen develops jQuery based components. It also features a huge collection of components that are ready to use and responsive to build mobile and desktop versions of apps.



Intel XDK is relatively new in the scene and a bit different from the others. It offers a good range of tools to develop, emulate, taste and debug. It also publishes cross-platform HTM5 hybrid apps. Besides developing web app framework themes that support iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Tizen, Blackberry and Android, Intel XDK also supports Topcoat UI, Bootstrap 3 and jQuery frameworks.

The list is quite populated actually, and every moment new players are coming to the arena. The biggest advantage of mobile web app development frameworks is that once entered data can be accessed from anywhere.

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