PHP Web Development: What’s Trended In 2013

php development

It is very hard to develop a website without a scripting language. The concept of scripting can be considered as essential for the web development service. Be it JavaScript, .Net or CFML or any other scripting languages, without it, a website can never be developed. Of all the languages which are available throughout the World Wide Web, PHP has been the most overtly used for the development of websites till now.

There are several traits which can be significantly attached to the PHP programming. The scripting program is an absolutely open-source language which is efficient and the expenses for PHP development are very low. The language can be easily embedded with the HTML to give the users an awe-inspiring online experience.

The web users, this year, has been provided with the sumptuous amount of treats developed by PHP programmers. This blog post is going to elaborate on a few of the trends in PHP development both from the developers as well as the user’s perspective.

From the Developer’s Corner

This year has seen several developments in the area of E-commerce, CMS (Content Management System) as well as frameworks. Most PHP developers across have thoroughly used applications like Magento, PrestaShop as well as OpenCart in case of E-commerce. There has been a huge increase in the use of Content Management System as well. CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal has come out to be the magic tool for the development of the websites.

The developers responsible for building websites has extensively used frameworks like Yii, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter and several others. The product of these tools has nothing but brilliant.

What did the user experience in PHP this year?

Responsive Website Design

The aspect of mobile technology has really played a big role this year. Web viewing is going through a transition from the displays of the desktops to the mobile screens on the palmtop. A huge number of mobile devices have already occupied the market making the specific display sizes for each of these contraptions impossible. PHP programmer of our generation has come up with a clever idea to come up with a more interactive platform which can synchronise the services and displays with all the available devices at the moment. The whole appearance of a single website would be uniform in all devices.

Online Presentations

This year has been the year of online presentations. Whenever a user visits the site, he gets captivated by the slideshow which appears at the beginning. Through this trick the website can be made to look more professional and engaging. A large image background and typography amplifies the attractiveness of the presentation available on the website.


2013 has been the year for interactive or parallax website designs. Playing with the depth of field and giving the user the illusion of motion has been one of the core objectives for the PHP programmer this year. The PHP developers are able to bring the websites to life while giving the user the ease of navigation. Parallax has definitely taken the website development to the next level.

Fixed Header bar

One minuscule thing which can be noted as the act of the PHP developer is the fixed header bar. These header bars are glued to the top of the website while the rest of the web page can be scrolled upward and downwards. It has helped many users for easy navigation by giving quick access to the service.

The fixed header bar has also proven to be a great tool for brand retention. Sticking the brand elements on the header would help with the retention of the brand in the mind of the customer for a longer period of time.


It is true that HTML 5 has given quite a huge blow to the flash animation, but it has been still looking alive and kicking this year. There are still several banners, Facebook modules and games which are still available online. Flash can be considered as one of the best tools which are available to QOS providers. Though the HTML 5 seems to take over the throne, but it would take some time. Most of the popular browsers have not installed the Web GL, which is required to run HTML 5.

Even Flash has seemingly survived the market to be taken over by HTML 5.

It has been quite a busy year for the PHP programmer till now. We have reached the last quarter of 2013. The PHP developer might pull out something out of their sleeves by the end of this year.

So how was your experience in PHP development this year? Please be free to express your opinion in the comment section.