Delight, Simplify, and Astound the Android Way with a High Tech Android Application Developer

Android application developer

Android users are increasing on a daily basis. Apps have turned out to be people best friends these days. Let us take this scope to delight, simplify and astound your audience with amazing Android applications regardless of its type and kind. The internal processes, which we have to go through, are simplified in the process and maintain user’s interest at the heart of their processes.

This is the mobile web era and you are supposed to the empower and astonish the target masses the Android way. You may hire a professional Android application developer for undertaking the things properly.


  • Easy sense of function: The things present in Android technology combine to create an easy sense of function for the users. Mainly owing to the sound effects, textures and the subtlety present.
  • Realistic objects are more fun than menus icons and buttons: Objects with realistic feel are more fun than menus icons and buttons. Android believes that for bringing in a more realistic feel, one requires satisfaction that is more emotional and less cognitive effort.
  • Sense of owning: Offer customization options and let the users feel free to use the apps their way.
  • Undertake Actions after feedbacks: Listen to the feedbacks attentively and provide solutions for the same, so that a user who is revisiting does not give the same feedback again. Give your visitors an easy way out and well navigated route back wherever they want to be according to their preferences.


  • Keep it simple: Simple words in short phrase matters the most as according to the Android development team, people prefer shorter sentences and tend to skip longer sentences.
  • Pictures speak faster than words:  Visual impact is greater than undergoing the reading session yourself and most people will tend to avoid it as a matter of fact.
  • Engaging UI: Make your UI elements visually different.


  • No one’s fault: When things go wrong, then lower the tone of 404 page, which is essential for successful customer management.
  • Spray Encouragement: Make the users feel that the interaction from their end effected and sprinkle some encouragement by upgrading the changes requested, even if it is as small as a slight change in colour or subtle sound change.
  • Heavy lifting: The main idea is to make the novices feel like experts, prioritize the functionality of the entire website, and make it easy to use.

The platform of Android development platform has opened up new possibilities. You will get a clear view you can act on to make users happier — and to make your app a success.

Mobile App Analytics is nothing but measuring all the key stages involved by a user from discovery to being acquainted to download the app of their choice. The main benefit from this analytics is that after the study, you will be able to realise which are the things that attracted the users along with features like the traffic sources reports and the Google play integration. Real time reporting feature is present to show you who are using your app. Many other behavioural features as flow visualisation and event tracking are also included to display the exact actions undertaken by the users as they disappear or pause. These things, which can help you Delight, simplify, and astound the Android way entirely.

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