An Introduction to the PhoneGap

When it comes to developing cross platform compatible apps, there is one app which is recommended even by the seasoned mobile application developers - PhoneGap. We have nearly 7 mobile operating systems which fuels every mobile phone of our times.... Read More

The Apple Retina Display – A Revolution in Resolution

Apple has always been in the eyes of the consumer to come up with the most out-of-the-box innovations man could ever imagine. Any Apple products have acted as the epitome of the status symbol to the users. It has been... Read More

A Beginners Guide to Android App Development

Android operating system is one of the most important OS of our age. Due to its open ended nature Android OS can be easily manipulated to come up with wonderful apps which can even change the lifestyle of the users.... Read More

HTML5 Frameworks: The New Choice for Mobile Application Developers

With the introduction to HTML5, the digital scenario is going through a drastic change. As one of the advantage to the HTML, web designer can use new structural elements. With the help of the tool they can even remove some... Read More

Intelligent Personal Assistance: The Next Generation PA

A Brief Introduction to IPA When John McCarthy first coined the term Artificial intelligence (AI) in the year 1956, he had no idea what role it was going to play in a long term basis. With a plethora of smart... Read More

Getting the Best out of the HTML 5 Tools

HTML 5 had its origin in the year 2011. Being the successor to one of the most successful HTML versions yet, HTML 4.01, the language is still in the process of constant development. HTML 4.01 has been one of the... Read More

Ruby, Python or PHP: An Insight into the Big Three

The post millennium times have given space to a new kind of feud involving scripting languages. For the last few years, the battle between scripting languages is seen to be heating for the last few years. If we talk about... Read More

20 Points to Keep Your Website Optimised For Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have come a long way since its inception and has occupied the lives of more than 87% population around the world. Of this total population, 27% are engaged to e-commerce surfing through mobile networks in their smartphones. The... Read More

Unleashing Cloud Computing

When Charles Babbage came up with the contraption called computer, it was considered to be the next best thing after the invention of wheel. Computers combined with the power of the internet have become a formidable tool in the hands... Read More

Namesake: An Introduction to Namespace in PHP Programming

Namespace: An Introduction Let’s say, you have a cupboard of your own, and you put everything into it. You put your personal belongings, your pencil, ruler or even your graduation certificate into it. The cupboard next to it belongs to... Read More

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