Australian ecommerce sales trends for small to medium businesses

Ecommerce business is witnessing remarkable growth in every sphere of industry. A small ecommerce business store will be facing innumerable competition with the well established rivals. Consumers all over the world have been adapting and embracing the idea of purchasing more and more products online through various ecommerce portals.

Some Ecommerce insights: Australian B2C ecommerce market ever more competitive

Ecommerce insights

Asia- Pacific has become to be one of the largest regional market in the world. As its surveyed and seen that the regional market of Asia actually spends more on ecommerce purchases than the North American for the first time of the year. The trend shows that Asia- Pacific accounts for more than one third of all the businesses to consumer ecommerce sales in the world.

North America has a well developed and mature ecommerce market, thus the level of ecommerce has stabilized. While regions taking the center stage in the world is the countries located in Asia- Pacific. The increased region rise has the contributing factors of increased internet access over the recent years, burgeoning middle class and increased credit card penetration.

Sales growth% change% change% change
Last 12 mthsLast 3 mthsJanuary
ononcompared to
Last YearLast YearJanuary
Same periodSame periodLast Year
Food and Hospitality-24.6%-24.6%-31.9%
General Retail-20.9%-24.0%-15.0%
Health and Beauty8.4%-6.3%-16.7%
Homewares and Furniture16.1%-7.4%3.3%
Not for Profit-2.5%11.8%14.4%

With more and more people gaining their trust in online marketing, we have analysed an eCommerce sales data with the aggregate of this data being anonymously to come up with the accurate online sales trend for various range of industries. This report will help you to provide further background to some of the largest trends which are currently reported on.

The month of January usually fills up Fashion requirements and achieves the highest online sales growth amongst other industry clients. Another time of the year with this industry remains in the peak of its sales count is Christmas till New Year. While Food and hospitality businesses continues to languish all over the year and heighten in the time of festivals mainly. Correlating with other reports which shows recent growth in this sector are being put down at times and seen is a traditional rise in the sales in the website design and web development sectors. The monthly figures determine the most recent activities and as we fine tune the upcoming reports on the upcoming months for your better understanding of the market and the sales trends.