7 Best Android Voice Assistant Apps in 2019

Suppose, you have to attend a business meeting tomorrow and you are still not done with making the presentation! How about someone makes it in a professional way following all your inputs and instructions! Sounds interesting right?

Let’s take another example. Suppose, you are heading for a trip. Now, what if you get detailed live weather forecasts of the place you are about to visit! Useful right? Also, if you get a live update on the road traffic, driving becomes easier.

The list of such examples can go longer. Starting from making a phone call to managing your daily tasks, managing the to-do lists, remembering special dates and schedules – everything becomes easier if someone on your behalf can do all these things! Obviously, you can get separate apps on your smartphone to take care of all these things but what if a single app is smart enough to do that!

Yes, your virtual voice assistant can do that. Apple Inc. launched Siri in the market in 2010 and it is by far known to be the smartest and the most intelligent personal assistant for the iOS device users.

Now, what about the Android device users? Well, worldwide Android app developers are working hard using the best Android app development toolkits and are coming up with plenty of Siri alternatives for Android users.

We are going to look at some of the best Android AI personal assistant apps here. But before that, let’s take a glimpse of some mentionable features that a personal assistant app should be capable of doing.

  • Having an intriguing and convenient interface
  • Recognising the tasks accurately and accordingly supplying options for the implementation
  • Well-integration with various search engines, social networks to get the requested information
  • Processing the requests of the customers at high speed
  • Having the number of recognised languages and interface locales – the more the better

Well, technology is evolving in such a way that those days are not really very far when self-learning machines will become an integral part of our lives! Definitely, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality) is going to reshape both the way businesses operate and everyday living! Personal Android assistant apps are one such example of the enhancements in the technology field.

Here’s a quick sneak peek to some of the best Android personal assistant apps that are going to trend in 2019.

DataBot Assistant


You already know about Siri, the iOS assistant. The DataBot Assistant is kind of similar to the Siri. Ask any question – this virtual aide is always ready to answer your queries! Starting from any fictional characters to real persons, historical personalities – you will get information about anyone with the help of this personal consultant.

More interestingly, DataBot Assistant can be programmed in such a way that you can manage the list of daily purchases, things to do along with remembering special dates and all!

However, not only making your daily life easier but it also helps in making your work life smoother. How? Well, how about making a presentation just before attending a meeting only by using your voice! Yes, with DataBot Assistant, you can do it quickly and easily.

Another interesting fact about this personal consultant is that it accumulates all type of information that it receives and learns to recognise the frequently used tools quickly.



For the Android tablet and smartphone users, Cortana is an impressive assistant! One of the most interesting features of this assistant is that it can be programmed in such a way so that it will recognise commands exclusively made by the device host.

Some of the remarkable features offered by this personal assistant include

  • Location tracking of the device user
  • Providing reports on traffic jams along with offering alternative route options
  • Creating reminders
  • Setting alarms and more
  • Tracking the users’ interests and providing them with related information on favourite writers, artists, etc.


Video Source: Windows

This intelligent personal consultant is available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Brazilian.



Another great helper Android Voice Assistant application is Robin. With the blessings of GPS location advancements, Robin can be your perfect consultant on a road journey. Whether you need to find the available gas stations on the route or need to determine the best and shortest route, this personal road assistant can be your perfect help.

Other than all the aforementioned facilities, you will be able to

  • Find about weather condition
  • Get reports on the trending news
  • Get notifications on the device user’s personal messages on various social networking sites and more

Some users are so happy with the services offered by Robin that they are describing it as a challenger to Apple’s Siri.



Just like communicating with a real person, you can talk with your this personal assistant. Previously, it was known as Indigo Virtual Assistant. With voice commands, you can do the following noteworthy tasks.

  • Searching for videos on YouTube
  • Setting alarms
  • Language translation
  • Looking up maps of the desired locations and more

Even you can connect with your social media accounts using Lyra.

Pocket Blonde Cyber Girlfriend

Pocket Blonde Cyber Girlfriend

This personal assistant app will let you meet Kate, the smart cyber girl with a brilliant sense of humour!

This Cybergirl is ready to provide the user with recommendations and advice based on the device users’ interests. Other than this, getting the weather forecasts before starting a journey becomes easier when Kate informs everything in prior. Also, you can always stay updated with the latest news with the help of your personal virtual assistant. Kate will communicate with you in the easiest and the most pleasant way.

Dragon Mobile Assistant


Nuance Communications released Dragon Mobile Assistant with all the notable basic features that are needed to be present in an assistant app.

One of the most intriguing features of this app is the Attentive Mode. When this mode is activated, even when the phone screen is locked and off, the assistant works perfectly.


Video Source: Nuance Mobile

Not liking the voice of your assistant? You can change it. Also, you can give a name to your assistant! With this assistant app, you can make your life simpler. Check traffic, dictate an email, check the weather, and so on!



When you first get Ozlo on your Android device, you will be asked to enter your ZIP code. Wondering why? Well, this will help your personal assistant to get more accurate data on the local weather.

This application is more like a Siri analog. With it, you can manage your accounts on various social networking sites. Remarkably, Ozlo has the ability to respond to the messages in Facebook Messenger.  

Other than the above-mentioned assistants, some other popular ones are

  • Sherpa Beta personal Assistant
  • Jarvis
  • Andy etc.

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