6 Social Media Marketing Predictions to Achieve the Pinnacle in 2014

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Are you concerned with the upcoming trends in the area of social media marketing in 2014?

With 2013, we saw many big changes and some major shifts in the platforms directly hitting the marketing and influencing the visual marketing. Here lies a collection of what is in store for us in the world of social media in the year of 2014.

The social media marketing trends 2014:

  • Image and video focused sites

Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, etc are gaining highly end popularity. With access to video content, why would people undergo the labour of reading only the text content? For your site to be shareable, you have to open up to all the companies in an open way. Image and video focused social media sites will grow. Visual content, both being visual and image still did not go for it.

  • Investment in social media marketing

We can say that investment in social media for marketing is a requirement now. Previously because of the time constraints, people could not pursue social media, which has taken a heavy shift towards ‘must have’ from ‘should have’. You are guaranteed to the find your customers from amongst other online users as now you spend a lot more time online.

Social media acts to increase awareness, increasing customer loyalty and company branding and is successful in generating traffic to your website.

  • Renaissance of Advertorial 2.0

Native advertising is back and Advertorial 2.0 becomes a major part of the social media marketing . Social media is no longer free marketing. Even popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, etc are into full monetization mode and in case to reach out to your fans and customers you have to pay now. This point is also the deciding factories the one, which is actually the one, which does not matter.

The main thing, which attracts us towards advertorial is the concept of authenticity and is the deciding factor between whether it is more media or more social.

  • Story telling with a twist

As a brand leadership firm that helps us to shift large corporations define and share their brands stories through social marketing, we constantly witness the struggle companies’ face to reconcile their existing cultures and marketing strategies.

  • Google +

Not only is Google + known for benefiting SEO majorly, but also have direct impact on the Google authorship. Writers are allowed to claim their own content through this authorship and if they are popular, the article will rise to the top of the search engine within no time. Google + is used to improve the companies’ social media reach as compared with Facebook, which is nowadays becoming a bit monotonous.

  • LinkedIn

There can be certain customers whose needs and interests are completely different from that of the normal household customers, Linked In can serve that purpose thrivingly. Their way of undertaking decisions, interactions and marketing efforts are way different from normal customers and this social media site serves their purpose the best.

Establishing a presence on sites such as LinkedIn will allow you to connect with people in those management positions and thus develop good relationships for the future.

Social networking fact sheets:

73% of online adults use social networking sites according to a survey taken in September 2013,

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The impact of the social media can be felt increasingly with each passing day and you know that if you are active on social media, you need not worry about keeping the growing market highly engaged.