3 Feature-packed WordPress Plugins to Facilitate Seamless Web Development

With the technological refinements on the go, WordPress has been transformed to a CMS from a mere blogging platform. With its rising popularity worldwide, it powers for more than 24% in the web, which is growing with each passing day. Ranging from complex portals to ecommerce sites, simple websites to blogs and applications, nearly anything and everything can be developed by deploying this platform. Since, it integrates ‘under-the-hood’ intricacy for developers with simplicity for publishers and users, it facilitates the ease of use and flexibility which, truly drive greater interest of people.

The present tech-dominated world has encountered an explosion of WordPress Plugins. But, the most striking question to pay heed is; which one is the perfect to serve your interest? Thus, before you choose the right set of plugins to design and develop your website, it’s time to know about some important plugins linked to the web development process.

Revolution slider wordpress plugin

rev slider

Known to be a premium slider, it is available as a jQuery plugin, WordPress plugin and Concrete5 add-on. Being a feature-packed platform, it has gained wide popularity across the domain. While addressing its myriad of beneficial aspects, it is highly-responsive and involves a series of three slider layout options for making the process easier naming auto-responsive, custom and full-screen. The Custom and Fixed layouts help you to set the slider size by using exact pixels. However, the most unique among them is the Full-screen option by deploying which, you will be able to create fantastic sliders, which can fill the entire screen irrespective of the size of the device or browser. Moreover, you can add text, videos and images to your site with just a few clicks, which will improvise user experience by creating information-rich sliders.

Another dominant trend witnessed by the world of WordPress is the overwhelming demand of Page builder plugins, which brings a comprehensive range of features. With Page Builder Plugins, WordPress users find a great scope to build create custom layouts and stack an array of powerful functionalities and features into one single place, where they do not need any coding. So, while keeping the thriving aspects of Page Builder plugins, here we would like to discuss on two most advantageous options by which, you can derive maximum benefits.

Page Builder by SiteOrgin

SiteOrigin Page Builder

Being one of the most widely accepted WordPress plugins for page creation, Page Builder makes it much easier for developers to create responsive column based contents, while using the specific widgets as per your choice. By deploying this platform, you will be able to seamlessly adapt to different types of mobile devices, thereby ensuring that the website is fully mobile-ready. Moreover, some of the other potential features to eye on are Live editing, History browser, Widget and Row styles, Actively developed and Absolutely free.

Visual Composer

visual composer

Being a fantastic plugin created by WP Bakery, Visual Composer comes with a drag & drop page builder, which you can add to your WordPress theme. This plugin facilitates you with full-fledged control over layout of the pages. Here you will be provided with a series of page building elements including rows and various page elements (headings, text boxes, social sharing and many more). The most striking feature it bestows is; it provides users with the option of drag & drop any page element or row to rearrange them. Furthermore, it hosts a Frontend Editor that makes the entire task of building custom pages and layouts much easier. Heralded by its appraisers, this plugin comes with phenomenal extendability.
These two avant-garde plugins developed by WordPress over the recent years surely enjoys a superior edge over other webhosting sites. The focal point to pay attention is; plugins are mainly additions to the site, which can carve it as more appealing and functional. All you need to know is the right way to deploy them at their best and so, having extensive understanding about them is extremely important. Addressing this concern, we will be sharing significant piece of information about the other plugins in our future posts. Thus, keep visiting our blog page to learn more about these feature-packed plugins and dive into the ever-advancing world of WordPress.

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