Unleashing Cloud Computing

When Charles Babbage came up with the contraption called computer, it was considered to be the next best thing after the invention of wheel. Computers combined with the power of the internet have become a formidable tool in the hands of mankind belonging to the modern times. One cannot think of a day without using the contraption.

The recent years the aspect of computing and information technology has been bombarded with the latest and the greatest innovations which mankind never thought of. Cloud Computing can be considered to be one of the outcomes of this period and it is here to stay.

The aspect of cloud computing has been in the buzz for quite sometimes and companies are it small, medium or large are venturing into it. Cloud Computing is developing at a breakneck speed which doesn’t show any promise to stop in the recent times.

So it brings forth us to the question,

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing if taken from the layman’s terms, can be explained as delivering hosted services comprising mainly data storage capacity or hosted services on the internet. The end user needs no high end computer infrastructures to get on with cloud computing. The only requirement for the end user to operate on the cloud is just a computer and a high speed internet.

The cloud computing gives its user an extremely flexible experience as the application and services are platform independent. It gives the user the opportunity not to assign any hardware for the task.

With the introduction, the visitors are introduced to several new acronyms such as IAAS or infrastructure as a Service, PAAS or Platform as a Service, SAAS or Software as a Service, STAAS or Storage as a Service and a few more of the similar types.

Cloud based providers help companies in hiring software and databases. The provider helps in managing the cloud services along with its technical support, software database services that are required.

The company is charged on the basis of the service consumed, the compute time, the amount of the storage as well as the usage of the bandwidth.

There are several benefits attached to cloud computing :

  • The software has to be installed form the behalf of the user, which helps in saving time and money.
  • Any device with an internet connection would help the user to connect to the cloud.
  • The companies would only have to pay for what they use.
  • SaaS development on cloud service has helped the user to come up with innovative software development and it eliminates the need for software installation on your PC
  • There is no worry about running out of disk space.

The services on cloud are similar to traditional subscriptions and also can be sold on demand. The services do not need much of the maintenance or hardware requirement thus making it popular amongst the developers and the end users.

The concept of cloud is taking a huge shape in the field of information technology. So what do you think of Cloud as an IT service provider?

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