Quality Processes

Software quality assurance is not just a service we provide; it’s part of our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake. GetAProgrammer offers you the benefit of:

  • Institutionalisation of Quality Management System as per the international standards
  • The maturity, transparency and continual improvement of our QA processes,
  • The independence of our QA division from our development teams
  • Our highly experienced QA staff who are practitioners of industry best practices and international standards
  • Experience in bringing over 500 projects to successful completion
  • End to end testing to ensure the fulfillment of requirements and to meet customer satisfaction
  • The integration of our processes with yours when needed

Why is Software QA vital

Integrating a solid quality assurance methodology into the larger process of software development is the best practice in every situation. At the commencement of any project GetAProgrammer factors in quality assurance as a part of development time. From our experience we know that proper QA increases software quality and lowers TCO, whether for custom business solutions, software products or services such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems, or for an outsourced portion of a larger development effort. Custom Business Solutions benefit from mitigation of risks related to misunderstanding or miscommunication of business requirements, possible system failures, and others. Software Products and Services have a high degree of vulnerability to software flaws or deficiencies, because a company’s future sales and ongoing revenues are directly dependent on the reliability of the product or service offered. Whether you’re a startup business, an enterprise, or a product development group, quality assurance is essential to your long-term success. Software Development Companies and Systems Integrators can rely on GetAProgrammer to incorporate solid QA principles into every project outsourced or assigned to us. We ensure that the modules we develop work flawlessly and satisfy every functional, technical, and architectural requirement.
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