Mobile Strategy: Responsive vs Optimized

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In today’s competitive world, it is important for every business to have well featured responsive site of its own to reach a large audience. Such websites can be viewed well on all the devices, irrespective of the resolution and the size of the device. A responsive website design has chanced the way you were looking at an website.

Mobile Strategy   Its seen that over 50 % of all the  connections to the Internet are now made through mobile devices. With mobile connections expected to reach 70% by 2016, it is critical to make sure your website is formatted correctly, when viewed from a mobile device. Most businesses that choose to go mobile optimized, do so because they think they have more options and control (when compared with mobile responsive design). responsive design  

Both a mobile site and responsive design will optimize you website to be appropriate for a smaller screen. Along  with that  simpler navigation and faster load times are also features which are being offered by websites. There are certain differences between the mobile and responsive site, which are as follows:

[table id=1 /] In a nutshell, responsive website design is the need of the hour and if you are still lacking it, you are surely loosing a lot of business. Hire efficient and  experienced web developers in Sydney from a reliable company for unraveling the best solutions you may be needing for your upcoming project.

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