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A Brief Introduction to IPA When John McCarthy first coined the term Artificial intelligence (AI) in the year 1956, he had no idea what role it was going to play in a long term basis. With a plethora of smart apps on the role for smart phones, the concept of Artificial Intelligence is taking a new Avatar. In 2013, Intelligent Personal Assistance has become order of the day with the recent unveiling of the Google Now. The intelligent personal Assistant is nothing but software agent which would help in integrating user input, localization capabilities and combines it with various inputs in order to help the user in every possible way. These predictive apps helps in staying absolute control and help in getting the right information at the right time. The main implementation of these IPA is all about providing the command either through voice input. The information is directly given on the basis of the user’s preference or recommendation as well as the past utilization of the app. A Disruption Called the IPA The technology of IPA has been quite disruptive in nature for hand held devices and personal Data assistance. With evolution of the operating system for mobile has given IPA the opportunity to integrate smoothly with the latest smart phones, Phabs (Phone and Tab) and the Tabs. It can be highly predicted that this AI technology is definitely going to change not only the one’s personal lifestyle, but it is definitely going to revolutionise the way we work. This one technology is not only making its name just by providing information, IPA is also known for completing tasks as well. Some of the basic of the task for the day to day life includes calling a cab to a specially designated location, making a schedule of the appointment, sending the mail, making reservations for hotels and reservations, and providing real time traffic and weather up-dates. And these are only some of the tasks. In the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website it has been referred to as the ‘Do Engine’ for its multitasking capability. As an ideal app for managers and leaders, the IPA is predicted to perform and complete repetitive at a shorter period of time. Advantages and Disadvantages for IPA – Pros: Like every app available in the market, IPA has got its share of pros and cons. So let us deal with some of the advantages. The apps which are available in the market are free and easily available. After app has been installed in your smart device, it can be easily accessible at any point of time. As mentioned above, due to its automatic nature repetitive tasks can be easily achieved at a much shorter period of time. IPA can be taken as one of the most adaptive and robust tools which can change the perspective of life itself. …and Cons: To talk about the disadvantages, one of the big ones is that- as the apps are driven by voice command, the spoken queries can be misinterpreted by the application. If the user cannot hit the right voice modulation; the app might not recognize the queries. Also the user has to provide specific keywords to make the right use of the app. providing a wrong keyword hinders the function of the app. IPA as an app is still in its nascent stage, which makes the resources and databases accessed by the app limited. The IPA Market Some of the major IPAs which are available in the market include SIRI in iPhone, Cluzee for Android Ginger Bread OS and above, S Voice for Android Ice cream sandwich and above, Google Now for Jelly bean OS and above. All these apps are similar characteristics mainly providing related information and doing trivial repetitive task for the user. With changing times, it can be predicted that the IPA can be implemented in several areas and circumstances such as training and academics in variable business processes and also performing day to day activities. In certain cases IPA can be used as the ideal assistance for the visually impaired people. Concluding Words Both Android and iPhone developers are focusing on improving the IPA to take more complex queries which help users with complicated problems. With the Google Glass fresh out of the developer’s table, it is expected that we would be seeing several new features in the IPA utilisation. So if you are already acquainted with IPA and if you are using any of the above stated products you can always pen down some of your experience on the space given below. You can also provide us a tip or two about how would you like to see your IPA App for the future.

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