How OpenCart Version can keep you out of trouble?

Let us make your shopping experience a whole lot better with the release of Opencart’s latest version of Open Cart, released on 7thJanuary 2014. With the advancement that we are facing all the time in every aspect of our lives, technology is never ending. Moreover, this latest version of Opencart has to offer a lot of maintenance with a few intricate details, which you must be aware of.  Opt for a professional php developer to be sure that he/she are aware of all the upgradations and changes happening in this arena.

More than ever, there is an array of options for the merchants to go through a test drive before finally launching their online sales store. The best part of open cart is that it allows upgradation, which can be done through any kind of installation products.


Opencart 2.0 was scheduled for release towards the end, but it never made the deadline. Instead, we are provided with a minor version to fix a few troublesome bugs, which many an online store owner made a complaint about in several forums.

A large number of hosting companies are no longer into offering the older versions of PHP. However, after the installation of the latest version of Open cart, your hosting company will now be prepared to support your site using MYSQL by default.


Features, fixes, and changes

The general features are inclusive of the following:

  • Fully Responsive or mobile friendly Layout
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization friendly
  • CSS 3 .0 valid
  • LTR + RTL Support
  • Fast Loading time
  • XHTML 1 .0 Strict valid
  • Compatible with all major browsers, namely Firefox, Opera, IE 8+, Chrome, Safari, etc
  • Tabless HTML mark up
  • JQueryand Prototype based JavaScript
  • Full user guide documentation to ease installation
  • Well-structured CSS & HTML for easy customization
  • Easy to edit and Full PSD files available

The fixes and changes are inclusive of the following: 

  • Code tidying is performed  as folders are created and rearranged to maintain the structure clean
  • Fixes like OpenCart PayPal have been applied which is there to look after the issues which may arise assuring PayPal payments.
  • When the admin user is connected via SSL has been fixed when an issue came up while eBay preview.
  • Security loophole in the admin password reset process has been fixed. (This may be a reason enough to upgrade your system)
  • For up- to- date hosting MySQL support added to all the database drivers
  • MySQLi database support available at install.
  • Minor patches – please see GitHub commits for more info.

All in all, if you were already standing on 1.5.6, I would recommend you to upgrade your store to as it cannot possibly offer you anything less than you have right now, but its appearance can be assumed to be same as the 2.0 version. Hire expert PHP developer from a reputed organisation to undertake these functions successfully.

Glancing at what is about to come: OpenCart 2.0

  • Responsive template for both admin and storefront
  • New image manager and file upload system
  • Extension installer
  • Marketing module to track campaigns

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