5 Most Helpful Apps for Food Lovers

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There was a time when the term ‘Foodie’ used to mean connoisseur of gourmet food, who appeared to explore all the everyday dishes and dined at expensive restaurants. However, this lifestyle is a bit unrealistic for most of the people. Nevertheless, this term has an altogether different meaning. Modern foodies have a different meaning to the term, which meant more than focusing on the gourmet, the foodie is a person more interested in tasting the delicious, irrespective of the place where the foods availability is. It is an era where people are supposed to have access to each and everything, which is when the importance of restaurant apps comes into being. It easier to trace nearby locations for delicacies. It has never been this easy to have access to foodies to reach out to great spots for good food. Receive cooking tips, find out places, seek food trends with the help of these 5 popular restaurant searching apps.



Device: iOS, Android Price: Free Get help from Yelp, which is a user-reviewed restaurant finder. And not just eateries, but bars, petrol stations, chemists shops, and cafes can be also searched in the neighborhood that you are in.



Device: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia Price: Free Choose the right app to dine in with TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is an honourable mention and a must go visit, which is meant for the tourists. Based on distance, rating, type, and price range, TripAdvisor can advice you move around even in an unknown city effortlessly. You can even be able to explore the parts of city you never know existed in your own.



Device: iOS, Android, Windows Phone,BlackBerry Price: Free Along with notifying you with the locations of the restaurants, it highlights the reviews to varied food dishes. Thus, it is not only restaurant spotting but also actually food spotting.



Device: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry

Price: Free

Being one of the biggest names, UrbanSpoon comes under the restaurant listing sites. This can successfully look for restaurants and display an ‘Urbanspoon’ rating for them to help you choose.



Device: iPhone

Price: free

If you are a veg- head, then this app is definitely for you. This app helps you track down the best veg eateries at the nearest locations and has come up to be one of the most popular web resources for locating veggie friendly dining spots at an international level. With this app, you can understand whether a certain restaurant is Vegetarian or vegan or caters other non veg options.

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